mo_mi_ji (mo_mi_ji) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Getting better with my Orage Cup.

So I finally got the hang of this cup.  My fav. fold with this small LadyCup is punch down because I get it to open easily than the smaller fold Triangle which tends to turn side way when it goes in...

I do not know if this is common or I did something wrong, but when I insert the cup I will feel slight discomfort in my lower abdominal for awhile when it sucks its way up.

Unlike, a lot of girls who has problem with this cup riding up too high(from what I read so far)....I have a problem that it is sitting way too low and the stem is poking my hymen. I cut half of it off because I still need the stem. It is still poking though but not as bad.

I found out that my cervix is so low. I have really short fingers, but I could touch my cervix with my middle finger. I noticed that my cervix is not pointed straight down but rather pointing at the tail bone. Is that normal? What's tilted cervix?

I managed to remove the cup by doing punch down fold, and then take it out. It was a dry run though because I don't have my period yet. I am not sure if I am going to be able to fold it out if there's liquid in there.

Update: So I got my period last night. This morning I removed it with punch down fold and it came out a big mess LOL it was leaking so I guess it was super full.

I think that it forms a seal, but when I try to feel the rim it was too hard to get to because I cannot fit my finger through it. I did notice that the bottom is stil squishy though. Don't know what that means...

Any input is very appreciated :)
Tags: cervix position, coloured lady cups, dry run, teething troubles
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