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This will be my 2nd full cycle with a cup.  Last month I used a Keeper and LOVED it.   The stem and I had some things to work out, however.  I was also a little uncomfortable with the firmess, wanted something a little softer.

I fell in love with the idea of the Lunette and the PinkCup.  Because the Lunette is currently not availble to me, I bought a PinkCup.  On my dry run, I loved it.  Couldn't feel it at all, got it in just fine, out just fine. All is well.

So now here we are on the brink of another cycle.  I've been spotting for 2 days.  Wore my PinkCup today in anticipation.  Still just spotting so far.  But like a ninny, I went against my better judgement and checked the cup at work today on my lunch break.  It did NOT want to pop back open.  After about 3 tries, I finally HAD to get back to my desk.  I left it unpopped and hoped it would open on it's own.

2 hours later I tried to go to the bathroom and I could NOT pee.  It burned and NOTHING would come out.  Well that was new and different!  I removed the cup only to find it was STILL not opened.  Urinating resumed as normal.  Reinserted just fine.  Went about my day.

Since I've been home I have removed it once and reinserted again with no problems.  Still no true flow, just heavy spotting. 

This weekend we're going on a bit of a road trip/cruise. (couple of hours on the road, 4 hours on the boat, couple of hours back)  I'm a little nervous about being stuck so far from home and the PinkCup not opening or something awful.  I'm taking some extra cloth pads and maybe even my Keeper, just in case PinkCup and I don't get along!

One more little note:  I have learned that my cervix is lower during my period.  On my dry run I didn't feel the PinkCup at all.  Now that it is here (or almost), I am pretty sure the stem has got to go.  It pokes me like the Keeper did. 
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