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Alright... whew. Due to the fact that I have really heavy periods (and they ruin my life!! -not to be too dramatic or anything) I decided to get a diva cup. Today I used it for the first time. After about an hour I realized that it was leaking, so I must have put it in wrong.  Oh, I don't know if this is important, but I really had no trouble getting it in.

But getting it out is a whole nother story. Oh my gosh... it was terrible. I couldn't grab a hold of the stem and it kept on going further up and up. I was bearing down like many suggested and it was helping to bring the stem down but for the life of me I couldn't grab it. Let's just say I was sufficiently freaked out and almost in tears... so, admittedly I was less than relaxed. After about 45 minutes of struggling I decided to try and take it out in the shower. After about 20 minutes of being in there I was finally able to remove it... thank heavens. Part of the problem was the stem was behind my pubic bone (??? I think..) and I couldn't get it to a spot where I could grab it.

I'm a virgin, if that has anything to do with it, but uh... that area down there isn't super tight, like I could get three fingers in. 

So, the other part of the problem is as I was cursing this darn thing I swore that IF I ever got it out I would never, ever, ever use it again. But, like I said I have really heavy periods and I feel like this is the best solution.

So, what was I doing wrong?? Is my body strangely built??? How do I get the courage to try and use it again?? When I say I was traumatized I'm not joking...


Tags: removal, teething troubles

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