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Oy vey! Weekend getaway tomorrow...a little help?

I'm sure everyone's getting annoyed with my incessant postings over the last few weeks, but I've got to do another.  You see, I've finally been able to really test out my cup (Starting yesterday...ugh) and I'm having a couple problems.  Tomorrow I am leaving to head to the beach for the weekend and I would really REALLY love to wear my cup and have less of a hassle in a swimsuit.  

While I've always read about suction action, I don't think I've ever actually experienced it (I use a large PinkCup, even though I'm 19 to accommodate my heavy flow); I've always felt like I would be able to just pull my cup out if it wasn't so slippery!  Maybe I'm just a novice cup user, I don't really know.  But I can't actually pull my cup out, and I have to reach inside and reach into the top of the cup, maybe it is suctioned? 

Alright, so another problem...I could feel myself ummm "bubbling" is the term I'll use.  That's what it felt like.  I checked and there was leakage.  I removed the cup and it was pretty full, but not to the holes. So there shouldn't have been leaking.  The cup was fully open, I checked when I inserted it, so I know that's not the problem.  I don't know what to do!  I really don't want to have to go back to tampons...


Alright, to clarify a few things.  Yes, I do use the swirl and press methods (so helpful from reading all the posts!), and it does make an airy noise, so I do suppose that means it is suctioned properly.

Does anyone know of a good diagram or something I can look at of internal anatomy? I am having trouble understanding the exact position of my cervix so I can't really figure out where it is/ how my cup is fitting in it.

I guess it just is my flow being super annoyingly heavy.

Lastly (hahaha, TMI, here? Really?), no, it had nothing to do with a bowel movement.

Ok, one last thing, this whole removal process is super messy for me. I know that time will teach me better ways, but is there something I'm not getting? (This might be TMI...but I doubt it) I always seem to get soooo very much blood on my hands and this is not a clean process like simply pulling out a tampon string. And with the blood in the holes there is no way I could do this in a stall in public (I've already tried cleaning up with just toilet paper at my such luck).

Tags: first time use, lady cup, leakage & spotting

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