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New Lunette User

My cup is **AWESOME** <----- sung by choirs of angels! :D

It goes in easy, it comes out easy & no leaks... what more could a woman want?!

I have been using the punch down method, once it's in I run a finger around the "back" where the cup was folded to make sure it's fully open, then I run a finger around the "front" to make sure my cervix is on the correct side & then Bob's your uncle... or maybe that should be Bert's your aunt! :D

The only issues I has were that the stem was poking out. Once I was sure I could remove the cup without it I cut it completely off, problem solved!

When people tell you to go with your gut feeling... it's true!! After looking at all of the information on the different cups I thought that the small Lunette sounded like the best option for me. However I'm 34 and although I've not had kids I was worried that maybe I would need the width of the larger cup, even though the added length was a bit of a worry. So I ordered them both, just in case. As it turns out my gut was right, the small cup is the perfect size, it seals to my insides no problem. :)

As the seller didn't have the Selene in the smaller size... I might have to go & find one somewhere else... blue is my favourite colour after all! :D

This does mean I have a spare Lunette Selene large size that I am willing to "pass" on to an unfortunate resident of the US who cannot buy one directly. It's still in the (somewhat squashed) packaging, I just took it out to see the colour! Anyone interested contact me & we can talk ;)  

I shall now go & compose a post for my regular LJ to let all my girl friends know about cups & this community! :D

EDIT: I meant to say that my test also included riding my horse... if anything was going to cause it to leak, that would have been it... but nothing!
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