glitterpug (glitterpug) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Do I need a new cup?

Hi, after loitering with intent for a few months I've decided to join you lovely people. Mainly because I want some advice (reading all your posts were such a great help when I was new to cups) Well, I've been using a UK Mooncup for about 9 months and its been going ok but I've always had a bit of trouble getting it to open up. I've been using the punch down fold which is easy to get in but it unfolds and suckers itself together and feels like my innards are being vacuumed out at the same time (not painful but unnerving all the same) I have to kind of pull my vag open to get some air into the cup or it wont open (does that make sense?)  I've practiced the c-fold on a dry run the past few days and it does pop a bit easier but I find it too wide to get it past my entrance comfortably and the thickness of the silicone makes it really difficult to hold this fold long enough to get it in (I am actually getting cramp in my hand after a few seconds) Can anyone advise on whether a softer cup might be easier  to fold/pop open and if so which one? I'm thinking maybe lunette or ladycup..
Tags: insertion - folding methods, popping open
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