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Yukki Cup Photos, Shipping Package, Cup Etc.

Hello Ladies, here are some images you have been waiting for. I found the cup came pretty quick coming from the Czech Republic to Canada. The packaging to me looked really cheap and sortof ugly, however I really like the idea of a cardboard storage tin. The top lid does have an air hole to provide air circulation. My measurements showed the Yukki to be 70mm in total. If you like to cut your stem off, it was 52mm from the top of the cup to the first ridge in the stem. The widest part of the cup is 42mm. I am not sure of the capacity, however it does have 5ml and 10ml lines on the cup, as well as the name of the cup embossed in it. One of the flaws I found is that there are no english instructions. I can't inform you what I think of it for using as I am not due to get my period until June 4th or 5th but I will definitely let you know what I think of it after that. Anyway here are the photos. I hope this helps everyones curiosity. When I took the comparison photo the other cup in the image is the small Diva to avoid confusion. Also I see that someone asked if they came in different colours. I believe at this point they are only in clear. 

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