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First Impressions and Cups in the News

Hi lovely people!

First, and probably more interestingly, I want to point out this article.  It's poorly written and has some inaccurate information in it, but at least cups are in the media!  It's interesting to watch this Alicia thing seems to get more and more strange everytime I hear something about them.

Next, I finally got to try out my Mia and I LOVE it.  I have no other cup experience to compare it to, but it was fantastic.  Honestly, I don't bleed all that much, but through my entire first cycle with it, there was no leaking.  Also, it seems to instantly relieve my craps.  The moment I put it in, they go away and as soon as I take it out they come back.  Weird.  For me, both insertion and removal were very easy (tried both the c-fold and the punch-down fold and both worked well). 

For those who are following, my Miacup also has only two holes in it for some reason, I remember reading something here that implied that it's their new design.  I don't know about other people, but for me having only two holes doesn't seem to be a problem.  I'm pretty long, so I just bear down until I can reach the in-tact stem and pull until I can tilt the cup "sideways" a little to avoid the "whole rim at once" removal.  There doesn't seem to be any turbo-suction problem.

MODS: Not sure how to tag for the news article, there's no "news" or "media" tag.  I did activism, but if this is not correct, please change it.  :)  Thanks.
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