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Cervix position, IUD, and cup use

I'm hoping those who use their cup with an IUD can answer a question. Where does your cervix sit in relation to your cup? Inside the cup, above it, or somewhere partially inside the cup but not all the way?

My IUD seems to have settled a lot. I get no more random cramping, and no spotting. My periods seem pretty normal, slightly heavier and crampier but no big deal. I have the Paraguard.

So everytime I put the cup in or remove it I am super careful. But my cervix sits ENTIRELY in the cup. It's pretty low, I guess (more so now that I'm not taking hormonal birth control) and I used to like this low cervix feature because I could tell easily if I would leak or not. But now it doesn't seem like such a benefit because everytime I take my cup out I feel like it's interacting at least a bit with my strings, which are cut very short -- 1/2 inch. Sometimes they suck up into the cervix so I can only feel the tip of the strings, sometimes they lengthen to their full 1/2 inch.

I break the seal on my cup (Diva, large) by grasping it on the bottom and starting to fold it into a c-fold. Usually I hear a "whoosh" and the seal breaks and then I have to pull it down. It still feels like there's some suction though, and since my cervix is inside the cup, I sort of have to drag the rim of the cup over the opening to my cervix, which is right where the strings are. They're pretty short. But sometimes they're longer and I could *imagine* them getting caught, though we're on day 2 of using it and it seems fine so far, except when the strings get longer I wonder if it's because of the cup!

I used to use the Ladycup, which I know is supposed to be better for IUDs, but I had suction so extreme with that one that I could barely remove it, and it always took a lot of digging. The Diva was the exact opposite. Easy, quick removal with minimal suction.

ANYWAYS, basically I'm wondering if those who are successful with IUDs and cups are because of their cervix position. And if maybe I should switch back to tampons? I love my cup more than anything...except my IUD, lol.
Tags: cervix position, iud, removal

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