greenlele83 (greenlele83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

while i wait for my lunette

so I have been using menstrual cups for a few years now, been using a keeper. found out about menstrual cups from a magazine and feel in love with the whole idea, so i search, found one and got one. I dont know why more people done use cups they are great and i think they need to be advertised more or marketed more esp in aussie land!! i love em coz of their "green" aspect and it gives me so much more freedom. because of the type of work i do, i "use a tree" more than i do a toliet and a cup makes it easier when i have my period. i dont leave any rubbish behind or have to worry about taking some back with me, much easier!!

while i am happy with my keeper i thought i'd try/get a new one so i decided to go with the large lunette. am currently using a b keeper, but i think the extra capacity would be great and i think i can handle one slightly bigger too so i went for it and i am getting one off ebay. hopefully it arrives before the "next installment"

anyway nice work guys and a big shout out to all the aussie cup users!! yewww !!! :D
Tags: buying decisions, keeper, lunette

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