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Newbie Diva Cup User:

Well, after deep consideration and tons of research on the Diva Cup (from watching this community!), I finally got one last night from my local Whole Foods Market. I love the idea of not having to go to the bathroom less, not having to buy boxes of tampons every month and simply the "green" aspect of it. I'm lucky that my period came early yesterday, so I'm able to actually try the cup. (Sidenote: That is the first time I have ever said "I'm lucky my period came..." and actually meant it.) Any way, after an awkward session in the bathroom and going "How am I going to get THAT in THERE?!", I finally did, using the C-fold method. It leaked though, so I took it out and tried the punch-fold instead. It wouldn't open up, even after tugging on it. So, I went back to the C-fold and tried the method of letting it pop open half way and then pushing it in. So far, so good. I can't even sleep because I'm so anxious for the next time I have to change it. I keep checking for leaks, though, because...well, I think all newbies do that. That's what I did when I started using tampons for the first time.

Tampons are evil. >=(

Anyways, hopefully, with the Diva Cup, I can finally have that "Happy Period" Always was...always talking about.

I think sucess rate is higher for those girls who aren't afraid of exploring their vaginas. You just have to get over the fact that you're touching an area that you were told as child not to touch. I haven't told my mom I'm using the Diva Cup. She's real old-fashioned pad user (yuck!). She was all =O when she realized I started using tampons. Imagine this now. Lol!

Anyways, any feedback on the leaking will be greatly appreciated.

*Update*: No luck with the Diva Cup yet. Leaking like a mofo. I'm extremely frustrated. =(

*Update 2*: Well, I tried the DivaCup again, with still no luck. It still leaked even though the cup wasn't even 1/3 full. It's simply isn't sealing, I think, and I have no idea what to do to make it seal. I've tried everything. My period is over (thank God! xD), but I'm def going to try again next month. I'll probably do some dry runs before then as well. Thanks to everyone for your comments!
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