femininewear (femininewear) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yuuki Cup feedback please?

I am considering stocking the Yuuki Cup on my website. They have kindly sent me a sample and it looks great. It has "yukki" imprinted inside the rim and the size, 1 or 2. Mine is a 1. It comes in a little container with a plastic lid, similar to the containers for parmesan cheese!! The outside has writing in Czech and translated into English. Inside is an information leaflet but, unfortunately it is in Czech! I have asked them for an English leaflet but they didn't have any copies to post me. I have asked them to email me one to read. I have insisted that if I buy stock for my website, the product must contain an English leaflet! I can't sell it otherwise.
So, any thoughts on the Yukki, is it worth me selling?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tags: yuuki
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