dragonswalker (dragonswalker) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Heavy Flow


I have just learned about menstrual cups and have a question.

I have extremely heavy periods, so usually wear a super plus tampon and then two heavy flow thin pads with wings.  Sometimes when I stand up, or when I work and am on my feet all day, blood floods out of me all at once and I leak.

I was wondering whether once the cup is put in, will it only leak the extra blood once the cup is full and hence still better than a tampon or once it is full, is there a chance that the whole lot would leak out?  I don't like using public bathrooms and as I am traveling soon for an 12 hour journey I was wondering whether with pad back-up it would still be better than using a tampon as long as it is inserted properly?  I know that with a heavy flow, the cup would be full within the travel time, but would only the extra blood leak out and hence the pad back-up would be enough with maybe a change in pads once?  I am mainly concerned about the idea of all that blood up there gushing out of me.

I may not want to risk it, but wanted to ask anyway.  I will be on the flight for 8 hours, so there is no way that I can use the bathroom on the airplane, and would not feel comfortable removing the cup until I got to my destination, a total of 12 hours.

Thank you SO much.
Tags: heavy blood flow
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