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Cleaning brainwashing?

Just a bit of background information that lead me to come to this question (perhaps to follow my train of though...if that is at all possible):

So being a new cup user and a bit spastic, I dropped my cup in the toilet!  I was a bit disturbed to say the least-- I had no desire to dunk my hand in a toilet that I had already peed in to fetch a wayside cup...
But I took the plunge anyway (ahaha).

Anyway, to the point of the matter.  As you can imagine, I was a bit disturbed by my adventuresome cup's latest venture, but I knew someone else had experienced similar issues, so I decided to look up some cleaning methods.  And after I was finished reading, something dawned on me-- Do we really need to clean our cups?

Now some of you at this point may gag and wonder what the hell I am thinking, but consider a few things here-- the cups are made of smooth silicon that we have been told repeatedly that bacteria does not stick to.  I was reading through a few previous posts about different types of soaps that are OK to use and ones that are not and a few posted saying that if didn't really matter what kind of soap was used so long as the soap was removed from the cup...Hmmmm.  Well if water removes all the soap (which is used to remove everything else from the cup in the first place), then shouldn't water be able to remove anything that needs to be removed from the cup?

Have the cup companies, trying to make a few more bucks, pawned off all of this excess necessary cleaning on us and brainwashed us?  Are we being clean freaks? Or these just normal precautions advised so that no one has a lawsuit on their hands?

Or are all of these questions just crazy, and I need to suck it up and be more zealous in my cup washing?
FYI-- I did actually clean my cup with soap after I dropped it in the toilet.
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