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A Cup Story

I just have a fun cool story to share. My mom has always been very open with me, great relationship and all that, but since I'm in my 30's it's been a very long time since we've discussed feminine hygiene products in any detail. When I got my cup, I eagerly wanted to tell her about it but the timing wasn't right because we had some life/death family stuff going on this past year. In the past few months she tried to pawn off some old maxi pads on me and I passed on them, then she was rummaging in my purse a few times and finally asked why I didn't have my stash of "supplies" in there (I've always been irregular and stashed pads in every single purse I owned). I casually said, "Oh, I don't use them anymore." I was totally not thinking what I said would be alarming, I think she feared I was in an early menopause or something was going on. So I quickly explained how I was trying a new product and absolutely loved it.

You know what she said? "Oh honey, those aren't new! I tried those before you were born!" And then she had a good laugh at me! I only meant the silicone version was relatively new, but since I was bringing it up for the first time I wasn't going to start with the entire history of the cup, lol. She even remembered what the packaging looked like, that they were disposable, they were sort of gold colored, etc., and then I showed her the pic online of the old Tassaway  and she said that was exactly what she had tried. She went on about how she never could get them to work right, but they seemed so great, and then never saw them for sale again and forgot all about them. After seeing the new silicone version and hearing all about it, she said she didn't know whether to be happy for me or absolutely jealous and hateful! She decided on jealousy and hatred after finding out it made my cramps go away, my clothing and bedding is never stained, and she didn't want to hear another word about how freeing it is, ha ha ha! Too bad she threw the rest of the box away, she said it was in the back of the cabinet for years until she realized she was silly for hanging onto it and threw it away--it would've been fascinating to see now.

I was fully expecting her to think the whole idea was a little odd or unsanitary, solely because it is far different from pads and tampons. Okay, so she did give me the whole motherly talk about making sure I kept it clean, and I had a good time teasing her about being so much of a mommy, lol. When I first heard about the cup I was, quite frankly, grossed out, and imagined it would be messy and awkward; then I had yet another pad/tampon leak and after washing and stain removal finally decided that the cup couldn't possibly be any worse. I'm just so glad this community exists, because otherwise I could've had the same experience with cups that my mother did. Because of information compiled by some of you wonderful gals, I was able to choose a size and shape cup that I knew would likely fit me, as well as many different folds and insertion/removal methods, and all of this information and communication prepared me to try the cup and be successful with it.

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