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Menstrual cups and enlargement of the urethra?

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here.  I'm so excited that this forum exists!

I've noticed many of you post about menstrual cups reducing the flow of urine when you pee.  I have been using a Divacup (small size) for about five years, and over time, the slow urination problem seems to have gradually gone away.  I'm now able to urinate normally when wearing my Divacup.  However, I find that when I am NOT wearing my Divacup, I have trouble holding my pee long enough to get to the bathroom.  That's not to say I actually wet my pants, but sometimes a little urine leaks out and I have to make a beeline for the bathroom.  The whole situation is rather uncomfortable! I'm healthy and 26 years old, so it's probably unusual that I'm experiencing this problem.  I've lately been doing Kegels as often as possible to tighten the muscles down there, in hopes that it will help.

Here is my question: because menstrual cups tend to partially block the urethra, and therefore cause additional pressure on the unblocked part of the urethra as the urine exits, does it seem likely that with a long period of use, the urethra could actually become enlarged, thereby causing urinary incontinence?  I'm not looking for a concrete answer, but I would like to know if anybody else who is a long time menstrual cup user has had similar experiences.

The next time I visit my ob/gyn, I plan to mention this to her for a more "authoritative" answer.  :-)
Tags: health risks, urination

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