knollies (knollies) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Best bet between Ladycup, Lunette, and Miacup?

So I finally brought up the topic of buying a menstrual cup to my mother, who did not seem very enthustiatic, to say the least.  She kept saying "well, if it's so wonderful, why haven't I heard about it before?"  Well, no matter what she says, I want to go ahead and get one.  I've narrowed my list down to small ladycup, small lunette, and small miacup.

pros: small, flexible, easy to get in, seems nice and comfy, pretty, easy and non-expensive to get on eBay
cons: i'm afraid i wouldn't be able to get it out because it would be too slippery, i'd say my flow is light-medium (i change pads 3x on a heavy day) but i'm worried about the so-small capacity.

pros: gut instict on the best choice for me, small and pretty, seems comfortable to get in and out
cons: i live in the US, so I would get it shipped to my cousin in France and have her mail it to me.  So on top of the regular price, i would have to pay for shipping twice.

pros: very similar to lunette, wonderful company
cons: very expensive!  shipping on top of $45... eek.

So what are you opinions?  My gut is telling me Lunette, but I would have to jump through hoops to get it.  Does anyone know the shipping price of the Lunette or Miacup?  Do you think the price is worth it over the Ladycup?  Also, is the only difference between the Lunette and the Selene the color?  Thanks.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lady cup, lunette, miacup
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