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First Cup - Cutting the Stem

 Hi all!

Firstly I'd just like to tell you how useful this community has been for me in getting my first cup! I ordered it last weekend and have been using it for a few days now as I was on my period when it arrived. So far using the regular C fold seems to be working, and I'm not having too much trouble removing either, which I'm crediting to this community and its bountiful amounts of knowlage which I sat and read through! However I have been having some slight problems with the stem of my cup!

When I first tried my cup I used it as it arrived, but after a little over an hour I realised the stem was WAY too long and cut some off! Since then I've had another little trim and now its not a bad legnth, but I've been having some small irritation with it. Sometimes its fine, but othertimes I can feel it pressing on a piece of skin near the entrance to my vagina. I'm terrified of cutting it too short though! I can live with it how it is, but I'd prefer not to feel the slight irritation I am at the moment and while I think trimming the stem might help ...... I dunno! Its a Femmecup if that makes any difference? I hear they have a slightly firmer stem than some other cups?

I was just wondering how the rest of the ladies here dealt with trimming stems and whether in past experience its been better to live with it ever so slightly too long as opposed to accidentally cutting it too short!


Update: Thanks for the advice all, I eventually took the plunge and shortened it a little bit more, and it seems to be ok now. Though if it starts to hurt again I might just remove the stem all together as I think I might actually be ok without it! 
Tags: chafing/irritation, first time use, success stories, teething troubles
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