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Cup removal with an IUD

I was wondering if the ladies with IUDs & cups could pass on some tips about removing a cup when you have an IUD. I'm a little paranoid about the lip off the cup or my finger catching the strings when I release the suction when the cup is right up near my cervix. Do you recommend breaking the seal at the "top/cervix" side of the cup or "underneath/away from the cervix"? I'm relatively short so there's not really any chance of the cup sitting any lower & away from my cervix.

As an aside... after reading the post about having cup dreams I had one of my own that night... & I didn't even have a cup!! I made the comment on that post that maybe it was a sign that my cups would arrive that day... & they did!! So now I'm waiting for my period (should be next week) so that I can give this whole idea a try! :)
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