Cainariel (cainariel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another update on my cup life

I meant to do this before, like, you know when I was actually on my period, but I didn't get around to it until now.

This is my third month with my cup and this is what I learned this month:

-If I change my cup and the holes aren't clear when I put it back in, it will leak.

-If I don't kegel when I put my cup back in, it will leak.

-I don't really need lube. Nice to have it, but I really don't need it.

I think I did pretty well this month. The only time I had leaks were with the above circumstances so I think next month I'll drop down to a liner instead of a pad (much celebration on this point; I can only get pads to stay in place if I wear girdle...ugh). I finally figured out about how much time I can go between changings so that makes things easier.

Now, questions:

-I tried my first public changings this month (my friends literally kept me out from 10 am to 4am on my first/second day(s) which is(are) my heaviest day(s); that would have been a *nightmare* with tampons). When I change my cup in public there isn't always a sink around. Of course, this is how I discovered that my holes need to be clear. How do you make sure the holes are clear if you can't get a stall with a sink?

-Has anyone ever dropped their cup in a public toilet before? What did you do? I'm just curious on this point.

-This is slightly more worrisome. My cramps have changed with my cup. Before, I would just get cramps from the tops of my knees up to about where my thighs met my hips. I've never had abdominal cramps. With my cup the leg cramps are gone, but twice now I've gotten a sharp pain in my abdomen region while wearing my cup. It goes away like nothing happened, and then it comes back. Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks guys! Much love!
Tags: cleaning - public, cramps
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