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Updates on Lady Cup+question about using cup+pads together

Updates: My third day of dry run. I got over it easier than I thought. But here's the problem....It is poking me!!! And it's the smallest cup on market LOL. I am not on my period but I guess my cervix is always low. Should I cut the stem now? I feel it inside me just because of the stem. :(

Updates: Removal took forever because I don't want it to hurt like the last two, I managed to fold it when half of it came out. My only concern is when I DO have my period I do not know if I can fold it. Blood will surely spill out and probably every where on my hands, seat and perhaps my pants. (This is if I do i outside home)

Before I go into the question, I recently posted my first time (scary) experience with the cup. I am not planning to try it again for awhile because it hurts down there right now. What happen was I tried it again next day and the insertion was not that bad but still uncomfortable. The removal was painful,still, or even more.

Note that I could only insert one finger in there (after the first application I could fit two fingers more easily but still not manage to make use of it besides making the path way a bit wider)

I push the cup down with my muscle and tried to pull the stem when it sticks out. I break the seal with my index while holding on to the stem with my thumb and middle fingers. What happened was I had a hard time to get it out because my hymen was in the way which hurts like... I could not fold the cup while it's in there because if I let go of the stem it will go back in, plus I could not hold to the base instead of the stem because the base would be inside and I could not put three fingers in there. Only my index was pushing the cup to not make it seal. I could not take it out easily. I had to pull it knowing that it will hurt and there was no other way at the time. It came out creating a seal right when i was almost out and made a "pop" sound. OMG It hurts like I would never try it again...I really want it to work but I would need more time for it.

Today it is very sore and hurts all the time :( ...

Question for the future use

I think I have quite a heavy flow the second day.I don't think it's a good idea if I will be having to empty it when I am not home. If I use pads with it to help when it leaks and I cannot empty it, would that be OK? Or it's goign to make weird noise.

I have a small lady cup.
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