lunettah (lunettah) wrote in menstrual_cups,

boiling causes white film, chaffed cup


I'm having what seems like the same problem as cuteblood talked about in her Jan 20th post, except I don't think calcium is the problem (at least in my case) because the white film only occurs when I boil my cup, and only after the cup is submerged in the water. When I take it out after boiling for no more than 5 mins, it looks chaffed, as though some of the silicone came off.
I have a lunette (or rather, had  one - I believe one of my housemates accidentally threw it out, so now I'm tragically back to tampons until I can afford to buy a new cup), and I was wondering if only lunettes have this problem, and if so, should I switch to a different brand, or is it really not a big deal? I quite like my lunette, so I would prefer to not switch brands. Is there another solution to the problem, like boiling with 50/50 water and vinegar?

please help!
Tags: brand comparisons, cleaning - boiling, health risks, lunette

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