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The downside of cups! ;-)

I knew this had to be too good to be true. I loved everything about my cup. I even loved how I became more familiar with my flow, and its consistency, and what it looks like in that clear silicone cup.


dun dun dun...

There is some research that elderberry extract can reduce the duration and severity of the flu and possibly colds. I decided to put this to the test when I started feeling sick on Saturday. I bought some elderberry extract and poured a teaspoon of the deep red liquid into the clear dosage cup, added a dash of water, brought the swiring dark red liquid to my lips, looked down, and nearly gagged.

Elderberry extract diluted with water in a plastic dosage cup looks exactly like menstrual blood in a diva cup.

4 days later, after 4 doses of elderberry a day, and I still have to fight my gag reflex to drink the stuff. In this way, I have discovered the limit of my newfound appreciation for menstrual blood--I won't be drinking it any time soon. ;-)

On another note, my plants do evidently enjoy "drinking" menstrual blood. I read in some of the older entries about blood diluted with water, so I watered my plants that way once (theyve been sitting in too-small pots with old soil for quite some time and were looking pretty sad) and wow, two of the four noticably sprang to life.
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