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hello again

well my cup has arrived and i have tried ti insert it. my periods have not started but i will be on holiday when they do so i wanted to try and get used to inserting it before i go. 

i have only tried about 4 times, with lubricant, and i´m having problems already.  it doesn´t feel like it´s a problem getting it in, but the one i´ve got is a size two lunette selene, and it is VERY stiff.  i have only tried one fold as it´s the only one i know and is the one that was described in the leaflet. 

to cut a loooong story short, basically, what happens is that i get it so far, lose the grip (my hand starts to cramp up) as it is very stiff and hard to handle, i used both hands which didn´t help me at all... and it pops open before i can get it in all the way.  the bottom part and the tag are still sticking out and what i get is a suctioning feeling (and sound), then i panick and give up and now i´m scared to try again.

now it may be that that is how it happens, but i´ve not got a clue.... if so, do i just carry on pushing it in?

thank u xx

UPDATE: i tried a dry run again after watching the video with different folds. i kneeled on the bathroom floor, used i tiny bit of lube,  and used the punch down fold (as it was the only one i could remember at the time) and it worked perfectly! i was scared to let go of the fold as i was expecting discomfort when the cup would pop open, but decided to be brave, and all i could feel was a little sensation and my face got all hot and flustered. i didn't cut the stem straight away as i wanted to see how it went first, but when it came to it, i couldn't feel it at all so i've left it as it is.

i didn't feel anything at all with it inside, other than a little bit of pressure and a full-like feeling but that disappeared after an hour or so. i also went for a wee with it in (as some had mentioned they had problems with urinating with the cup in) but it was no different than had it not been in. so all in all, a successful insertion and comfortable 2 hours i had it in.

when it came to removing it, that was it bit of a struggle.  i could feel the stem but struggled to actually get hold of the cup. i didn't want to pull just the stem and end the successful dry run with a horrible removal experience, so i persevered.  i wanted to be able to nearly use the punch down technique to break the seal and then pull it from the bottom, but i have yet to master that tecnique.  after a while i decided to try another position, so i stood up with one leg on the bath and started pushing a little. i finally got a hold of the bottom and managed to move one finger up alongside it to break the seal and pulled.  it went fine until it got to the rim.  that's the only bit that hurt really, but i'm guessing that after a few tries that problem will only be minor.

so all in all, good dry run experience, am very looking forward to my period and to able to go in the hot tub whilst on holiday. 

just figured that success stories would be good to read as well as the problems :)

and a BIG thank u to all that replied, and to all that share their stories here, it is so comforting knowing that if i need any information, looking trough the tags will answer all my questions.  (i am also guessing that my partner does not reeeeally want to hear more about my cup :þ)

Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, lunette, lunette selene, removal, seal & suction, success stories, teething troubles, urination
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