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Ladycup....after experience...SO SCARED!!

Update: So after reading comments I think I don't have the microperforate hymen. I Have a normal but "stubborn" one...talking about hymen with personality LOL

And the story begins...

My Ladycup arrived today. I don't have my period but I wanted to try it to get comfortable...

I tried two times...after starting out with my finger to get it open a bit more. I could not put two fingers in. I tried punch down was too large to go in there. I didn't have lube so I use water. It still couldn't go in.

Then I tried the triangle fold. This got a better chance but my hand started cramping. It did not go far in. I had to get ready to go to work so I stopped it there for then.

After work, I tried again, still using the triangle fold. I was  standing  with my legs far apart and pretty much relaxed. It got in OK but stopped when I got to the wider folded part. I tried it again and again until I decided to do it on the toilet.

I tried until I was close to getting it. I had to turn it around a little then it finally went in more. I continued to insert. It got more painful when I got to the wider part and until it totally went in. And when it did, it hurts like....OMG it was pushing its way in trying to open. I had to push the cup in higher...then the pain was gone. I stood up and nearly blacked out. I grabbed my stuff and tried to get to my bed because I felt nauseating almost vomiting; then everything was dark, and my ear just kind of shuts off I could not hear anything.

I lied down and it started to feel like cramping inside but very mild. It did not hurt any longer but I was feeling nausea and like going to faint. I rested and fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later. At this time I didn't even want to bother getting it out but I had to. I inserted my finger in soon to found out that I couldn't find the stem!!!!

I had to sort of "dig" in and I could not find it. Then I notice that the surface where I am touching was the upper part of the cup!!!!!!!!! It was close to the rim. Then I felt the rim, it formed a seal on the side.

I dig and dig and dig!!! I was like this can't be happening to me. How am I going to get it out?

I tried to hook the rim open and take it out but it wont move.

The cup was in a wrong position. It kind of was in side way. I soon found the stem on the left side and the rim was on the opposite,

I still could not get a good grip on the stem because it was folded and squish to the side. I try to move the stem with one finger to get it in a right position. I could only put one finger in there so it was impossible. I could barely touch it.

I was not panicking but I was thinking that  I had to get a doctor to get it out!

I tried to put two fingers in there but it was not helpful because two fingers were really stuffed in there and I couldn't move them.

After 45 minutes I tried to push the cup at the rim so it gets to the right position. After pushing it quite violently it started to turn to the right side. I finally got got it positioned.

Now.. the next scary part....How it's going to come out.

I push with my muscle (Probably like giving birth) until the stem sticks out. The seal is still there. I had to use my finger to push the rim to break the suction. I pulled....

Now it HURTS!!!! I wanted to stop but I had to get it out. It was very painful to get it all out. I tried to fold it but the rim part probably came out fully opened. But thank goodness it's out!!!

I am relief now but I am very scared to try it again. I think I won't have problem inserting too much. But taking it out was very painful.

I do not think I ripped anything...which is good, I feel real sore down there though.  :(

Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems, virginity

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