Zebrui (zebrui) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Switching back and forth between two sizes? Also, Selene staining?

I've been using small lunette for over a year and have been very happy with it (before that I used small Mooncup UK and big Ladycup but wasn't entirely pleased with either mainy because of their stems).

I also own a large lunette and was considering switching to it for the first two days of my period when my flow is in its unfortunate stuck-pig-stage (smaller lunette tends to overflow after an hour and a half on my heaviest day - two hours if I'm lucky).
Now, is it wise/possible to use a larger size for first two days of the period and switch to the smaller size for the remaining four days?  Would switching to a small one after wearing the large one for a two days make the small one leak afterwards? Or make it entirely impossible to go back to small one permanently?
Do any of you switch back and forth between cup sizes on regular basis without trouble?

I find the firmness of the big lunette somewhat uncomfortable and the removal a bit painful and wouldn't like to switch to it permanently for now.

Now to the question #2 about Lunette Selene:

The lunette I've been using over a year tends to stain a lot on the last two days of my period; and by the end of the period has a uniform light yellowish colour that even hydrogen peroxide seems to be unable to completely get rid of now (my unused large lunette is still its shiney white). Does Lunette Selene stain less perhaps? Or does the staining show on blue as well?

I've been eying it for a few days now in Leastore and I'm looking for a little push to justify buying the pretty blue thing before it's gone ;)

Thank you for in advance for any advice you can offer me!

Tags: cleaning - stains, heavy blood flow, lunette, lunette selene, sizes/size issues

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