frenchiemom (frenchiemom) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Total Cup Length

I was wondering if anyone has made a list or chart comparing the total length, including the stem, of all the cup currently available. I think this information would be helpful for those of us who are a little longer.

I have a fairly long vagina and during the last few days of my period I find it difficult to reach my Miacup to remove it. Pinching the bottom of the cup doesn't work for me, I have to get my finger over the rim to break the suction and bearing down while holding the stem helps me hold it low enough to do this.

I'm thinking of buying a second cup that is longer to make removal easier on those days. I got an IUD about six weeks ago and want to make removal as trouble free as possible to avoid disturbing it.

Just from look at photos of the different cups it appears to me that the Femmecup has a longer stem than most other cups but the cup itself is shorter than my Mia. Do you ladies think that would be a good option?

Any advice from users who have worked through a similar problem would be much appreciated.

Tags: femmecup, iud, miacup, removal, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming

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