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Cups Pre/post childbirth

I was in this community about 2 years ago. I got pregnant at the end of 2007 and since cups didn't really pertain to me at the time, I felt no reason to continue reading. I had been perfectly happy with my Diva cup size 1, and I knew that there may be issues once I had the baby. Now 9 months after her birth, I am on my second cycle. After 2 nights of using cloth pads and feeling like a teen trying to not leak all over the sheets from her first cycle, I dug out the Diva. Getting it in wasn't a problem and I really feel like I left off with it.. last month. Seriously. That easy. I didn't have leaks, no suction problems, and no inability to pop open.
However, things have changed. It's not as comfortable. Where as previously I couldn't feel it if it was in right, I can now feel the end poking the edge of my vagina. When I felt this previously, I knew I needed to shove it up further, it would suction and stay. Now, I shove it and... it doesn't really go anywhere or get better. I've been aware of it all day, and even on my very first cycle with it, it was never this noticeable. I don't like it.
I'm wondering from people who have used the cup prior to childbirth how things have changed and if they had to change not just sizes but completely different cups. Also, a rough measurement shows that my cervix is ~4.5cm away from the opening. I saw the previous post in the community that compares the lengths/widths of cups. Should I be measuring the cervix distance or the depth of the vaginal opening? And since this has never been an issue for me before, I don't know exactly how far in the cup my cervix should sit. The Diva which is 5.7cm long seems a bit much for my now 4.5cm cervix depth. Does this seem reasonable or should I be looking into one of the shorter cups? I also have no idea how my body now compares to my body when I first started using the cup. I hope my questions are making sense.

Also, wow! There are at least 3 more options since I had last thought of cups! Way to go, cup makers!
Tags: postpartum, sizes/size issues
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