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Uh Oh!!!

Hello ladies! 

This is my first time posting, although I've been lurking for about a week since I stumbled across this website via another community totally unrelated to "that time of the month".  I bought my DivaCup on a whim, having heard about it from my older sister's best friend, and I was like, "rock on, I want to try it!"  Well it arrived and alas, so did my period.  Okay, on the first try with the "punch down fold", I could NOT get it in.  I mean it hurt, and I admit I was psyching myself out, so I just let it rest and decided to try it later.  About four hours later, the same problem, with a different fold (the "C" fold).   So I was a little bummed but decided to tackle it in the morning.  I stayed up late, researching through this site with different folds and relaxing techniques, and in the morning, SUCCESS (with the "7" fold).  I went four hours before trying to get it out, and there wasn't too much of a struggle there.  Again it went, and about five hours later, there was some leakage (which I kind of wasn't expecting but whatever, it is sort of a heavy day) and then... the WORST THING HAPPENED.

I dropped my DivaCup in the toilet.  D:

What do I do?!?  I washed it several times with Dove Unscented soap, I am about to to put it in some rubbing alchohol but when I visited the DivaCup site, it said to purchase a new one.  Is that really what I should do? 

Any advice is helpful!!  THANK YOU!

~~Thank you everyone for your replies!  I feel much better about it now, just gave it a good wash, soak, and I've calmed down, haha.  Thank you again!!!
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