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Intimidation and overall first experience

So it's a dry run...mostly (Maybe this is TMI, but I tend to have excessive, at least in my opinion, amounts of discharge throughout the month. Especially a bit before my period, which is where I think I am), but I was finally able to test out my cup today.  

I have both a large and a small PinkCup.  When I first opened the package I thought Holy shit! There is no way that thing is fitting in my vagina.  I was intimidated to say the least... and  a bit scared.  I've seen pictures and videos and all that jazz, but It just seems so much scarrier in person!  I initially tried the C-fold with my small cup (I've yet to try the large; I'm still a bit intimidated), and just only look at it made me realize that I needed to start with something that was smaller at the initial insertion point, so I think I tried the oragami fold-- or at least what my interpretation of it is.  It took me a couple tries to get it in; initially I tried and it somewhat popped out, I guess it was not inserted far enough in.  The second time was a success, though it did not pop open at first.  I was unable to get it to open with my fingers, but after a little while, when I tried again, I think it opened on its own.  

After that I walked around for a while and expected to feel it, but I didn't!  What a great relief that was.  I've read of a few people talking about being able to feel the cup, and I was certainly not looking forward to that.  After about five minutes, I was ready to remove my new toy and put it away until I needed it...
And thusly the madness began.

That sucker did not want to come out!  It was higher up than I originally thought it was, and I cannot reach above the rim to get it out (I have long fingers...I guess my vagina is longer than I thought!) so I'm not able to really break the seal and kegals didn't really help too much...I say this in the present tense because I still have my cup in.
I decided to take a nap afterwards and had to go to my cousin's graduation party-- I forgot about the cup (Yup, it's pretty damn comfy).

So. Does anyone have any advice? I haven't tried working with the whole "extraction" bit for quite a few hours now...I guess I'll do that after I post this.  Also, was anyone else shocked by the shere girth and size of their cup upon arrival?  Or any advice with attempting the large LadyCup?

One last note, are anyone else's friends still freaked out by the cup?  I keep trying to convince my friends and sister that the cup is SO much better than anything else on the market, but they continue to think I'm a freak.

P.S. Stem wise-- hasn't bothered me at all! I haven't cut it.
Sorry for continually posting to this, but I am just so fascinated by everything...

Tags: family & friends, first time use, lady cup, sizes/size issues, virginity

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