Aimee (redshoegirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup recommendations

Hi!  I'm new!

I joined because I want to buy my first menstrual cup and I have some questions before I take the plunge. 

I'm 33, and I have had one child.  I labored to full dilation and pushing, but had an emergency C-section because my son was 11 lbs and posterior.  I've used Nuvaring and loved it, but it turns out that I no longer need any kind of birth control.  I first heard about DivaCup when I was pregnant, but haven't had my period until now (6 months postpartum). 

I think I need a larger size cup, but there are still so many choices.  I'd prefer one where I can cut off most or all of the stem, so good grips toward the bottom would be good.  My period used to be fairly light, but without hormonal birth control and postpartum it's heavier than it used to be.  I can live with a little bit of leakage, however, I'm happy to throw on a pantiliner if I need it on heavier days.  I prefer the idea of softer over firmer, but don't know what the advantages of a firmer cup really are.

So what cup do you recommend and why?  I looked through the tags but didn't see a lot of info for first time cup triers who have had a baby already. 
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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