gigogurl (gigogurl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Dreams

You know you're a menstrual cup fan when... they start appearing in your dreams!  A few weeks ago, I had a really trippy dream in which I was responsible for organizing some sort of cup advocacy event; I had contacted a bunch of cup manufacturers, and they had sent me boxes and boxes of cups... there were Lunette Selenes, and Miacups (which weren't pink, they looked more like Divas, but with kind of a square wave going around the top instead of a hoop skirt, kind of like on a tire. weird, eh?), and then there was something that really should have been the tip-off that this was a dream... instead of being full of cups, one box came full of little red balloon grenades.  My reaction?  "Is that a Diva cup?  Hmm, no, that's not a Diva Cup."  Eventually in this dream I decided to take one of the cups for a test run, and I went with the "Miacup", which I loved and wanted to buy until I realized I was wearing it upside down... not even sure how that worked, but it made sense in the dream.  What's weird is that neither of the cups I actually own (the real Diva and a BlueCup) ever made an appearance.  Maybe this is subliminal advertising telling me to buy more cups?
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