Lorien (blueberryeyes17) wrote in menstrual_cups,

do I just have bad luck with cups?

My first two cups have developed cracks, and they are not trial color cups.

1. I used a Diva for 6 months and boiled it 5 mins after each period. After that time it developed a vertical crack along one of the holes and the company ended up replacing it for me even though it took many months. In the meantime I bought a Mooncup UK from eBay, and sold the extra Diva since I liked the MC UK more.

2. Today I noticed my MC UK has developed a horizontal crack along the outer rim, that's not touching the holes on either side of it (yet). I have had this cup about 10 months and only boiled it twice in that time because I was trying to NOT get a crack like I did in my diva. I haven't even used soap on it really, just hot water until all blood is gone. But surely it can't be hot enough to degrade the cup since I can put my hands in it without getting scalded.

Am I doing something wrong or do I just have REALLY bad luck? At this point cups are not very economical for me since I have a pretty light flow and it takes me many months to use up a regular $6-$8 pack of pads. I do NOT want to go back to disposables but this is really frustrating!
Tags: cup lifespan, divacup, mooncup (uk)

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