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Lunette Size 1 Leaking

I recently got a Lunette Selene size 1 from Leastore. I was so excited when I received it that I was actually sad my period just ended. After a couple of dry runs, I thought I had the insertion and removal process down. I started out using the punch-down fold, but found that the C-fold popped open easier. It didn't hurt to insert or remove and was pretty comfortable to wear as well. Then the real test came...

I had been wearing my cup a few days in advance of my period so I was pretty excited when I checked it and saw that it had started. The first day (yesterday) was very light and I had no issues whatsoever, even wearing the cup overnight which caused it to be about 2/3 full the next morning. I couldn't believe how perfect everything was!

However, today the cup has leaked constantly. I am wearing a pantyliner as backup, but I have to change it about every hour and a half because of the leakage. When I remove the cup, it is only about 1/4 full so it's not overflowing. My current method of insertion is to put only the rim inside and let the cup expand while half of it sits outside of my vagina, then push the cup upward (well, it's more like horizontally) while doing Kegels to move it into a comfortable position. I read about someone else successfully doing this with her Lunette and figured it would help me be able to tell that it was fully opened. It seems to pop open fully after a little manuvering (no dents) and appears to have suction because if I stick a finger up by the rim and push in, it makes a sucking noise. It also does this when I pinch the bottom to remove it. I've also tried letting the cup open up while being fully inside of me, but it's hard to tell if it is dented or just squished because of the tight space. I've read that you aren't supposed to be able to pull on the stem and easily remove it, but I can. This makes me wonder about the strength of the suction.

I also don't think the leakage is being caused by my cervix sitting beside the cup, rather than above it. I check my cervix every time before I put the cup in because it tends to move around a lot. Usually, I can just barely reach it, but I have fairly small hands. Once the cup is in, I insert a finger alongside it to see if I can feel the cervix below the rim, and I can't.

Is there some reason there is not enough suction? Should I try another insertion method? Is the cup I'm using too small? I'm 21, sexually active, but don't have any children. At first I was worried about getting a cup that was too large, but now I'm wondering if I overcompensated.
Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette, seal & suction

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