OwlRigh (owlrigh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

found a menstrual cup in a store in Australia

I was visiting Perth last month and popped into the Planet Ark store in Fremantle -- a good place for eco-friendly things, not all of which are ultra-expensive. As I scanned the shelves, what did I find? A menstrual cup sitting in amongst all the Natracare disposable panty liners and pads! In its own little box; I don't recall what the brand name was, offhand, but I'm reasonably certain it was a Keeper.

Quite blew me away! I've never even seen fliers for menstrual cups in any sort of organic/natural living store before, although quite a few sell reusable pads nowadays. Those of you Aussies here who live that way, they also sell nifty things like toothbrushes with replaceable heads, of which the price was identical to supermarket toothbrushes. An interesting little shop to pop into, and forward-thinking, if the menstrual cup (even if there was only one!) is anything to go by.
Tags: keeper, where to buy

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