gigileflew (gigileflew) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I did it!

After hours and days of deliberation, I did it! I bought a PinkCup...two actually: a small and a large.  I wanted to once again say that I think that this site is such a GREAT source of information; this is the most informative cite (site or cite? I'm totally blanking here...finals are frying my brain cells) I have found (and I think that I've done some pretty hardcore searching), and it provides such useful, viable, and mostly unbiased information (not like the actual cup websites).

So I have yet to be able to try my cups because I had them shipped to my house, but I do go home tomorrow so I'll be able to do a dry run quite soon (I think that with the stress of finals, though, it won't be a dry run for too long...I have a feeling it will come sooner than normal [which has been a problem lately, any ideas why?]).  Any advice on my first experiences with the cup?

One final concern, I'm pretty sure I've read something about this before, but I'd just like to "re-verify"-- Ok, so I've had to use super tampons because of my heavy flow and proneness to awful leaking issues, but I am a virgin and just 19 years old.  Will the large Lady be a problem?  I think the small will just not be suitable for my flow, but I wanted to try it anyway, and the large seems to be the smaller of the large cups.

Thanks again to everyone!
Tags: age, coloured lady cups, virginity
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