delrynshaw (delrynshaw) wrote in menstrual_cups,

OMG, the cramps!!!

Today is my heaviest day, and I was really hoping to put my LadyCup to the test today. I've been doing better with it every day this cycle, and I wore it overnight last night with great success. Very comfrotable, no troubles inserting or removing. I put it in a little while ago and almost immediately felt noticeably crampy. I tend to get crampy and icky feeling on my heavy day anyway, and I'm sick and not feeling well to boot, so I ignored it at first. It doesn't have the distinctly sick-painful  feeling of a wrong placement, so I thought, "Eh" and tried going for a short gentle walk to settle the cramps. No dice. Just worse and worse. I came back and fiddled with the positioning, tried pulling it down a little and changing the angle, but still ugh. Had to give up and take it out, and still feeling so IIIIICCCCCCKKKKK!  Maybe I just can't tolerate having anyting in there on my heavy day-- I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to the insertion process. Haven't used tampons in a couple years so can't really compare.

Just venting really.

PS: It was definitely the cup because it's starting to ease off now that I've had it out a few minutes.
Tags: cramps

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