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I ordered Lady cup...Need some encouragement

After reading such good reviews about menstrual cups, I decided to get one.

I am a virgin and planning on keeping it that way until I get married.

I had tried tampons before and I thought that my hymen already ripped because of that, so I did not worry anymore about using the cup.

I never checked myself out before so I did not know how it should be.

I just ordered a Lady Cup a couple days ago in small. To be prepared, I went and check myself in the bathroom, curious about the position of the cervix.

I could put one finger in there and it didn't feel all that comfortable. Then I though, the cup is much wider, how am I going to handle that? I tried to put two fingers in there to see how it feels. I couldn't put those in...

So I got more curious so I use a mirror to see. I found out that what I saw, which I believe is my hymen (I wasn't sure at first.) It covered everything, I mean, I cannot even see the opening to the vagina.

Now I am afraid of using the cup which hasn't arrived yet. Now that I know I still have my hymen intact I don't want to lose it.

I just have these thoughts that wouldn't it be great if someone who's going to be my future husband will be the one who... you tear that.

I am so discouraged now :(
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