melanie12891 (melanie12891) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fun cup things

Hello everyone!

I ordered my Diva from iherb today!! YAY. I can't wait to get it. Unfortunately, I am having my cycle right now with my MCUS, but I'll be able to have a dry run with my Diva and use it with my next cycle anyways. I know a lot of ladies on here have ordered cups from iherb, and I am wondering how long it has taken you all to get your orders in the mail?

Also, just out of curiosity ... does anyone else on here notice themselves reading the community more often during their cycle? I usually check this blog and other menstrual cup sites non stop when I am having my cycle, but during other times of the month, I am pretty hands off.

That's all for now (: 
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, keeper moon cup, where to buy
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