delrynshaw (delrynshaw) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramping after removal?

I'm noticing that I get some fairly intense cramping right after I remove my LadyCup. Is this normal, or might it be the result of not adequately breaking the seal and putting too much suction on my poor li'l cervix?

I'm doing my best to break the seal before I start pulling on it. I slide my finger up alongside and push inward while bearing down until I hear/feel a squishy burp, and then pinch the bottom hard and pull while still bearing down. It seems quite hard to pull out it, and it hurts a bit, so I'm not quite sure I've broken the suction well enough, but I can't seem to get my finger all the way up to the rim to actually pull on it.

I can't shake the idea that it's sucking on my cervix too hard and that's what's causing that crampy feeling right after I remove it, and I walk around doing kegels for a while, worrying I'm going to give myself a prolapse!
Tags: cramps, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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