cory77 (cory77) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Other places to buy LadyCup?

Hi everyone! I have made the decision to buy a large ColorCup, but I am having a slight problem... I tried to buy one on ebay yesterday, but lost all 4 auctions I tried for! (And I was there at the very last minute, but still got outbid!!!!!) Now if I want to get one on ebay I have to wait another week, and still risk not winning one. Not to mention that I could have been out doing something fun on my night off, rather than sitting on ebay trying to win a cup. :(  

So I was wondering if anyone knew of any stores that ship LC to the US? The only thing I could come up with was ordering directly from LC, and they are MUCH more expensive then buying on ebay. 
Tags: lady cup, where to buy

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