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painful cervix hidden in a cup ???

Hi, I posted to this community about two weeks ago to ask for help with inserting my large LadyCup. I managed to find the fold that works for me (C-fold). Well now I have another problem with my large GreenCup....my period started only yesterday and it was the first real test for LC after all the (few minutes long) dry runs. I used MCUK previously but wanted to convert due to stiff material and capacity.

The MCUK and LC always tend to end up really high. My cervix is not low during my period and I somehow mastered the technique of removal ( I can only remove my cup while squatting, doing kegels, and pinching the cup at the same time - and still i sometimes struggle). I don't know why, but the cups never stay low, but ride high up to the cervix...
Yesterday, after wearing my LC for about 8 hours, I started feeling sharp pain in my cervical region. I thought something wasn't right and decided to take the cup out. If only I could take it out!!! GOD that was painful! I did everything I usually do when removing the cup but every little pinch hurt like hell. I always need to break the suction by reaching up to the rim. When I tried to do that, I realized my whole cervix was in the cup! When I tried to break the suction, I pinched my cervix and I felt that sickening feeling like I was going to pass out. It was really a very unpleasant experience. I didn't wear the LC today...my cervix needs some rest I guess....

Has anybody had the same problem? Why does the LC love my cervix so much? This has never happened with MCUK. Is the problem material, the width of the cup,....me perhaps? Please help and thanks!
Tags: cervix position, lady cup

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