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I'm on the last day of my first successfull period with a menstrual cup and it's been amazing.  Just after one week I don't think that I'd ever go back to disposable pads again (I never could use a tampon properly). 

I had originally gotten a Diva cup years ago and tried to use it over and over, but couldn't get it to work right for me.  It hurt so bad that I'd have a hard time removing it for the pain that I was in.  I wish I had found this community earlier, I probably would have been able to use my Diva.  I have a very sensitive cervix and it turns out that I was putting my Diva in too far and it pressed my cervix between the cup and my vaginal wall causing me agony.  After finding you guys, I decided to try again, but could not bring myself to try the Diva again.  I ended up getting a Green Cup off Ebay. 

I decided since I had about a week and a half to two weeks before my period starts that I'd use the entire time as a dry run.  I searched out my cervix and found it not too far in, abount an inch and a half to touch the tip (the base is about another half inch or so in).  I tried the c-fold with the fold facing towards my bum.  When inserted this way it catches my cervix in the fold.  I then reach into the fold with my middle finger and push up on my cervix and magic happens.... the Green cup pops open all the way.... and it doesn't hurt!  Holy crap!!!  There were a few times the I had to fiddle with it to get it to pop, but only a few times. 

Well removal was a bit more difficult.  It took quite a few times for me to get anywhere near comfortable with it, but I have developed a system.  I pinch the bottom with my thumb and forefinger to break suction and tug it down to the entrance of my vagina.  I then angle the bottom down and pull, I can remove without spilling as long as it's not super full.  Yippee!

I have to insert and remove on the toilet, as any other position is uncomfortable and the cup doesn't feel rigt when it's in.  I pretty much mastered insertion and removal by the time that my period came, being able to do the whole Remove-Rinse-Reinsert thing in just a few minutes.  I have no problem with it trying to eject during bowel movements:-)

My period finally came and the real testing began:

Day One:  I started sometime during the night.  I had my cup in as a precaution, as well as a handmade cloth pantiliner.  I woke up  in the morning feeling wetness on my pantiliner and thought to myself that I knew it must have been too good to be true.  I went to the bathroom and saw that there was indeed blood on the pantiliner :-(  Well, when I took my cup out I realized why.  The blood on the pantiliner was nothing compared to the amount in the cup.  That would have been a disaster without the cup.  I reinserted and went about my morning business.  I emptied right before leaving for work and about every 2-4 hours throughout the day.  I have learned that I could go about 4-6 hours between emptying on my first day.  I do need a pantiliner because I get residual blood (very little, just enough to make little stain lines). 

Day Two:  Woke up with relatively clean pantiliner, just like the residual the day before.  Same routine as the day before.  Learned that on my second day I could probably go 6-8 hours between emptying even though I have yet to attempt it. 

Day Three:  Still no leaking.  My period has begun to wane and I could probably go the full 12 hours, though I think I'll stick to my three times a day minimum.  Learned a very important lesson today.... my cup doesn't keep out pool water. 

Day Four:  Too light, too boring, so I decided to try my Diva Cup again.  Wow, I can now use it without problems.  Tried the Diva in the pool, and no pool water in my cup, my Diva is now my designated pool cup.  I'm going to stick with the Green Cup for day to day use because it's easier to remove and clean.

Day Five and Six:  Too boring to really mention.  I could probably go days four through seven without emptying my cup and it still wouldn't be full, but it would probably stink something aweful.  And like I said, I like my three times a day minimum emptying rule.

I love my Green Cup and now I've learned to have good feelings towards my Diva (no actual love yet, I need to work out my trust issues with her).  My Diva has her stem completely removed and as much of the bottom that I could remove without making a hole in it.  My Green Cup's stem is pokey for about 15 minutes after insertion and after I pee, then I just get used to it.  I'm considering cutting it off completely since I don't need it for removal, but I'm so attached to her that I'm nervous to deface her in such a way.  I'm also terrified that I'll cut into the bottom and make her useless. 

By the way, my Green Cup is a large and my Diva Cup is a small.  I am 24 and not a virgin.

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