bernizz (bernizz) wrote in menstrual_cups,

SQUISH and other sound effects


I am new to the cup thing, and I've already gotten some great advice from you all about trimming my Lunette (sm) and overflow issues. I was just wondering whether it's normal to have lots of sound effects going on down there during removal. My finger can't reach the rim of the cup, so I can't hook my finger over it, which means I kind of have to push on the side of the cup to break the seal. This makes a tremendous (and embarassing!) noise, and I think I can also feel the blood squishing back up into my uterus or something when I do this.

Are these sound effects normal? Is there a better (quieter) way to take the cup out?? (I have a very short stem, and I may yet trim it off entirely...)


Tags: removal, seal & suction

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