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First day with lunette successful, but tommorow is the mile.

Hi I'm 16 and Today was the first day I used my lunette selene. My period started in the middle of school and inserted it with no major issues. I had gym half an hour after I inserted it and the stem started to poke me a little. (This was fixed by the time I was done with gym, the cup must have migrated upwards.) The cup didn't leak at all during gym, but today we went to the weight room so I can't accurately judge how my lack of cup experience will stand up to running the mile in gym tommorow. Today in gym we only jogged for 3 minutes, did warm up exercizes including 15 sit-ups, and the weight room. (Weight room=step boxes/machines/bikes). Tommorow, we run the mile and I'm not sure how the cup will hold up. When I was jogging the stem poked me a little and I was concerned the cup might shift out of place. I only jogged 3 minutes and I plan to run for 9-10 minutes tommorow. No leaking so far and it's been around 6 hours (a first for any product I've used). My gym teacher has a rule that you can't use the bathroom in gym. He claims that you can use the BR when you change 5 minutes before class and 5 minutes after. SO if I have a leak it's murder, literally! Any advice? I'm exactly what you'd call athletic and the mile scares me enough already! I really want to get a good time and not have to worry about leaking/the cup.
Tags: first time use, sports/physical activities
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