jwawczak (jwawczak) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thanks Diva cup

Thanks to the Diva cup, I've been more aware of my body, which might've saved my uterus or my life. (I'll find out Thursday.) 

I started using a cup a little while ago, because I had some heavy cramping, and found out that a resuable cup might help. It did! I was also able to get a good look of what was going on with my period, blood wise.  Turns out, I wasn't as regular as I thought I was, and there was some weird things going on. Any way, I freaked out and went to the hospital.  I found out that I had a growth on my overies, going up to my abdomen. I see the oncologist Thursday.  I've never been so anxious in my life.
Tags: health benefits

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