Dina Clare (lintilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dina Clare

A message from the folks at mylunette.com

Hey everyone!

Just got an email from Elizabeth at mylunette.com asking me to post this about their recent menstrual cup survey:

To the Community Live Journal,

Thank you very much to all of you for completing the surveys for collecting data on Australian Menstrual Cup Users. We are very grateful for the time & honesty that you spent in doing this. For those of you who entered the draw for the Lunette Support Packs, the three lucky winners have been contacted and shall receive their packs this week.

We are now going through the long & tedious task of collating & analysing the results, so that we have something concrete to offer those who "need" stats before they will accept, promote or retail the menstrual cup. The lack of Australian data has been somewhat of a stumbling block in getting the cup "out there" (media, health professionals, retail outlets etc) & we hope that the survey results will help to rectify this somewhat.

We were overwhelmed by the positive comments & feedback provided in the surveys, & believe me, we share your frustration that menstrual cups are not readily available in stores in Australia , & that the cup is still largely unheard of in Australia . We are working as hard as we can (& as hard as our marketing budget will allow us!!) to educate Australia & to share with women the liberation that a menstrual cup can bring!! We thank you so much for your support & enthusiasm.

Once again, thank you most sincerely for helping us with the survey.


Lunette Australia & New Zealand

Rock on, fellow Aussies! ;)
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