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Suki(formerly radicalancient)

Clobbered capacity due to low cervix - LC or Lunette?

 Well, my cervix seems to really love the outside world on Day 1 of my period - it's hardly an inch or two away from my introitus. Day 1 is my heaviest, although I have a really light flow. So the cervix tends to clobber some of my MCUK's capacity(low enough as it is!)
BTW, I know I'm not prolapsing, I just happen to have a pretty short passage.

I wanted a Lunette since it has a wide base, and highr holes. But all the shipping restrictions have played spoilsport in my plans to get it shipped to the States(Why US? click here), so I'm slightly at a loss.
I'd also love a coloured cup, and since I'm going to such great lengths for a second cup, I think I can wait for a few cycles till Lunette's new coloured cup hits the market.

But could  I go for a large LC, perhaps? I know there's ample room "in there" for a cup's rim to go past my cervix, and the large LC would be only 3mm longer than my MCUK. I'm more worried about the 3mm difference in width - would the LC fold on itself and cause leaks?

I have a friend coming home from the US in June, so if I opt for an LC I can ask her to bring it along. A lunette will be much harder, since I have no friends outside India AND outside USA!
I remember sandundershoes had offered to bring me a Lunette, but by the time I sorted out my finances, it was too late :(. And now the Selene Size 1s are nearly sold out. Santi Shop, the only place which has them, will charge 42EUR to get the cup to Canada. That is nearly three times the eBay price of the LC!

Any advice, folks? Or should I just wait until the Lunette has a new coloured cup, AND can ship to the US?
EDIT: Is the large LC any harder than the smaller version? Or are they equally soft?

Tags: buying decisions, coloured lady cups, lady cup, lunette, lunette selene
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