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2nd Cycle with My Diva (1)


I officially know what it feels like to fall in love. hehe. I love the idea of it, the shape of it, the feel of it, everything. And I don't hate my period anymore, which is a double bonus. For any lurkers on here, please, please, just try a menstrual cup. It was totally worth it for me.
Anyway, down to business. A couple of questions...

1. At night, I know the cup is more likely to leak because of something to do with the PUBIC bone (thanks kuradi8)... but I was just wondering, is there any way to prevent this? I wore backup last night (thank goodness) and I woke up to a "bubbly" feeling whenever I turned or moved. I would rather have slept for at least another half hour, but when I realized my cup was leaking, I basically scurried from my bed to the bathroom. I don't want this to happen again, but I don't know how I can't stop it from happening, if possible.

2. Periods came up in a conversation with my friends during lunch a few days ago, and I thought "This would be such a good time to bring up cups! Wait, would it?" I guess the opportunity just slipped away, but I still want to let my friends know about alternative methods. Any suggestions? I don't want to drop it on them and freak them out, even though I don't think they're squeamish.... If it helps, we're in high school.

Just a comment about using tampons: I have no choice but to use them (gymnastics). And today I realized just how much better cups are. The string was bothersome and it felt cruel to suck up my poor vagina. :(
Tags: family & friends, leakage & spotting

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