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PinkCup review

Ok ladies, I got my new PinkCup last week and hadn't had time to give it a try.  So this morning I decided to go for a dry run. 
Right off the bat, I see that the PinkCup is MUCH more flexible than my Keeper.  Much softer, squishier, easier to fold.  Holds the fold better, doesn't make my hand cramp up while I'm inserting.  (this is important...I have issues with my hands as I have lupus)
Insertion is fine, no issues.  Maybe slightly easier because my hand isn't cramping while I struggle to hold on.
I didn't hear/feel it pop open.  I always feel it with the Keeper, and hear a weird "shlush" sound as it goes into place.  So I ran my finger around the edge.  It wasn't open.  I've read that running your finger around it will cause it to open, so I did it again.  I never did feel it open, but it didn't feel folded up anymore. 
When I went to remove it, however, it was sealed just fine.  So it had opened. 
I've heard removal of this type is difficult.  While it was more slippery than the Keeper, I had no problems.  Now, if it was particularly messy or something, it might be a problem.  But for this run, the nubs on the base worked fine for me.  
Now for the amazing part:
I can't feel it. AT ALL.  I'm always aware of my Keeper.   This stem doesn't poke me at all.  It is the exact length that I cut my Keeper stem, which is kind of cool.   But seriously, I can't feel this thing.  I've read posts of people who forgot they had their cup in.  There is no way I could forget the Keeper.  But this....yeah.  I can totally see that happening.  I seriously feel NOTHING.  I even felt the Insteads when I used those.  This is AMAZING.
So, overall, I LOVE the PinkCup.  I'm a little nervous about the opening thing, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of that in time.
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